Construction & building sites are under constant threat, when it comes to asset protection, from intruders, theft, vandalism or wilful damage. Even non-malicious visitors, such as children ‘playing onsite’ or nosey neighbours, can pose Health and Safety implications when entering these unauthorised areas.

Our system can also offer detection sensors for other threats, such as fire or flooding.

Our wireless security systems are ideally suited to construction & building sites, where conventional wired alarms and CCTV cannot be used for reasons of practicality, cost or efficiency.

Benefits include –

  1. Our systems are an economical alternative to manned guarding
  2. Our systems are wireless and do not require mains power or a telephone line.
  3. Sensors are easily installed / repositioned.
  4. Systems can protect machinery, plant, buildings, fuel tanks machinery etc.
  5. Systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  6. Mobile security can be deployed upon activation.